What’s that over there? Is that one another Helicopter Maman, no darling that’s a bird! Not quite Pilot material yet!! Maman can we get one?? The question every Mother dreads, especially when it’s a Helicopter.  I don’t think this will quite fit in our back garden…to Victoria’s surprise! #helicoptershopping

I feel like I’m in a music video behind the wind machine. Helipads make great wind machines! #helipadmadness

In true Tappetino Rosso style, Victoria exclaims, Maman I have not seen a pink Helicopter yet! I laughed at the thought.  Of course if Victoria should be the proud owner of one we can be sure of what the colour would be…and probably neon at that! #pinkhelicoptersarethebest

Check out Helipads all over the Principality of Monaco, great spots for the elite of plane spotting! We’ve found a new sport #helicopterspotting