When does a child not want chocolate? When she’s among the Yachts with a Tartine bag of course! Swing your Tartine bag around and around, how low can you go? How high can you go?  Victoria’s favourite game and in true Tappentino Rosso style giggling and beaming all the while #smiler

She bypasses all the Yachts and heads straight for the Tartine bag! #girlonamission #missionchocolat!!! I want that one Maman! Of course she pointed to the biggest Yacht at the Port, Victoria knows what she wants! Maybe one day, little one.  Alright then she smiled fondly #yachtshopping

What a poser my little Mini-me is today. Maman look at me! Twirling round and around faster and faster so all she is was a blur of pink and purple clothing, her Tartine bag by her side #chocolatelover

Check out the Port in Monaco, Tappetino Rosso highly recommends posing among these beautiful boats for a lush day out sightseeing and daydreaming #daretodream #monacoport. In true style Victoria has one hand on her Chocolat and another on her Tartine bag #poser