A typical Tappetino Rosso day, gliding around Monte-Carlo Casino Gardens in nothing but gowns….it’s a hard life being a princess #bringonthegowns #gownheaven

A grand experience, Tappetino Rosso highly recommends the Monte-Carlo Casino Gardens, especially if you’re wearing floorlength! I thought your favourite colour was pink? No my favourite colour is anything that I look like Princess in, alright then ;-) #princessrulesoncolour

My favourite dress of all! Her blue gown makes her look so angelic and uber-chic, she’s cat-walk ready! #headturner

What does one wear to the Casino Gardens? A gown of course! Would you like to wear a dress today Victoria? No Maman Princesses call them ballgowns, incase there’s a ball! Just incase ;-) #ballgownpreparation