If you’re wearing floorlength then you’re fabulous! #absolutelyfabulous!!! Victoria ponders which gown she would like today…anything that touches the floor will be fine with her no doubt! #princessdresses

Do I look like a real princess? But of course, this gown is a Royal one.  Check out St. Jean Cap Ferrat, the perfect place for gown wearing! #girlsingowns #floorlengthandfabulous

In true Tappetino Rosso style, the world is your catwalk and today Victoria chooses St Jean Cap Ferrat, you don’t have to be Royal to wear a gown! Today Maman I want to look like a Disney Princess! And her wish was granted with a wave of my magic wand…and a rummage around in Victoria’s wardrobe and we were ready to go!

What does one wear on a day out? Anything long and flowing! ‘Princess’ is Victoria’s new style and in her floorlength, floaty feminine skirts how could she look anything but? #princesswardrobe