Minnie and Me the greatest love affair that ever was! Cuddling my hero….let’s move to Disneyland! #disneydaydreaming. I must wear a gown to meet Minnie! Alright then I smiled, how anyone could meet Minnie looking anything but floorlength and fabulous! #gownready

In true Tappetino Rosso fashion she adones her red dress and is straight on Minnie’s lap, she knows what she wants, or who!! Disneyland is a MUST, all your favourite Disney heroes and heroines to meet and greet and fun and frolics in between, dreaming of nothing but Disney #disneydaydream

Victoria’s day of real fairytale living, glam outfits at the ready to meet all her favourite Disney characters, first stop Minnie Mouse!Re-live the magic of your favourite motion pictures at Disneyland, Tappetino Rosso highly recommends this enchanting land of fantasy and fun #disneyplaytime