Explore the World of Tiffany

TappetinoRosso meets Style in the City…New York City to be exact! #NYC #theplacetobe

Check out the Tiffany Suites at the Saint Regis Hotel a #mustsee for lovers of Tiffany #tiffanylove

Victoria’s favourite dress, anything she sees in Tiffany Blue hue, this one by Mayoral and she exclaims, ‘that one Maman, that one is my favourite!’ #tiffanyblue

A place of wondrous magic, visit the Tiffany Suites for an awe-inspiring escape into the world of Tiffany #tiffanygirlworld #tiffanymagic What is true love to Victoria…Tiffany of course! #tiffanyandvictoria

In true TappetinoRosso style I want to dedicate this, my favourite blog post to date, to Tiffany Jewellers “What makes love true” was an inspiration for starting this blog post.  Watching Victoria explore the Tiffany Suites and every other magical spot we have visited worldwide has explained ‘what makes love true’ to me #tiffany #tappetinorosso #victoria #whatmakeslovetrue

MamanMaman can we go inside now?! Impatient as ever and still that’s #whatmakeslovetrue #tiffanylove