Can I have a fishy?….Not this again! Let’s stick to Ellie the Elephant for no! There’s such a thing as overkill #toomanytochoosefrom

In true Tappetino Rosso style, Victoria feeding the fishes and dressed to kill! Smart and chic for the Japanese Garden.  It’s not what you wear but how you wear it! Check out the Japanese Garden it’s the most harmonic and palatial natural paradise you’ll come across….with it’s very own version of a petting zoo #feedthefish

Maman can I swim with the fishes she asked in wonder? I think the fishes are happy swimming by themselves for now! Remind me never to let her wear her bathing suit to the Japanese Garden!!

Tappetino Rosso highly recommends this decandent and beautiful garden brimming with lush vegetation, the perfect day out! #royalgardens

Have you ever seen such a stylish diva dancing around feeding the fish? Happy day for a happy girl!