We didn’t slack on the Pink in the city.  Pink Dress, Pink Tights, Pink Shoes.  Just like a pink Princess, and my pink Princess at that! #prettyinpink! Victoria loves a catwalk, Maman do I look famous, one moment I said and handed her her Neon Pink Sunglasses….NOW you look like a star, a little pink star! And off she pranced!

Check out Monte-Carlo, beautiful far-ranging views of the Principality and boutiques, sights and attractions galore, the city is your catwalk! Look at my catwalk pout! I’m all dressed up with EVERYWHERE to go. First stop, the City! It has to be bright of course, the shinier the better!

In true Tappetino Rosso we cat walked through the city, what does one wear to do such a thing? PINK of course! Pink is the new pure and neon is the new Hot! Prancing, dancing and striding through the city, she looks like a flash of a glam fairy tale #daydreamingcitypink