Maman let’s wear flowers in our hair it’s Sunday! In true TappetinoRosso style Victoria is garnished with the most beautiful Chanel Camelia flower in her hair.  I tie it carefully into her hair, “Another Maman another!” I smiled in sweet reverie, always more…

See Victoria in her Black and White monochrome dress for Mass, a girl must look her best on Sundays…and every other day after that.” Maman is my flower still in properly ?” she whispered as the sermon starts: ” Shhh little one! ”

After Mass we go Macaroon shopping, “Maman where shall we go? ” Laduree of course! Check out Laduree the most luxury French baker and sweet maker house ever created!

In true TappetinoRosso style we go to the best maker of Macaroons in the world! See Victoria eat the most delicate of French delicacies…iconic Macaroon from the most luxury Parisian French tea room in town. Do you like Macaroons too?

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia 5

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia2

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia3

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia6

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia7

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia8

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia9

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia10

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia11

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia12

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia13

Tappetino Rosso - Camelia15



In her Hair: CHANEL White Camelia

Her Dress: La Halle

Her Shoes: Panache Kids

Her Socks: ABRICOTS by Panache kids