Life’s a beach; living by the currents, playing in the tides and following the sun. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the French Riviera!

We live by the beach, where sunlight glitters on every grain of sand and white, fresh grains go as far as the eye can see, with big beautiful ocean waves that crash against the cliffs as seagulls fill the air crying joyfully in unison.

Victoria loves the warm, golden sand to run between her toes with the gentle breeze! As she walks among the sand dunes she can chase balloons floating up with the sea breeze or build endless sand castles.  Victoria loves swimming in the ocean and atones pretty and pink swimwear to frolic among the waves.  You could be surprised of how many Bathing suit we have…

We are lucky to live between beautiful Monte-Carlo, Cannes, Antibes, Juan les Pins or St. Tropez, where there are stunningly beautiful landscapes and marvelous views there seems to be everything from a fairytale. Victoria can play amongst rural and simplistic wildlife, frolicking with farmyard animals to immerse herself in Mother Nature’s creatures.  With petting zoos and mythical creatures to admire, she has her very own taste of the true Botanical garden fantasy; both enchanting and magical.

Victoria’s two great loves are Minnie and Elephants.  Minnie Mouse is enchanting and with Victoria, the ultimate Disney Princess at her side the two are inseparable, a romance for the ages and a true friendship full of sugar, spice and all things nice!!!

Victoria’s love affair with elephants shows her gentle side and admiration for the most majestic creature of the animal kingdom.  An elephant never forgets and one could never forget Victoria, she is a beauty to behold.

We have the luxury of attending grand and enchanting events in castles, palaces and magical destinations.  But what’s a girl to wear? Victoria dresses like a fairy princess and wears anything floor length and fabulous.

She has couture gowns of royal recognition and tiaras to match, glitter and sparkles and sequins are her only accessories.  She can ruffle and float in the most elegant of gowns or twist and twirl in the most breathtaking of robes…

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